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Moti Cares’s pop-up soup kitchen feeds hundreds of families in Joburg

Celebrating the incredible spirit of Women’s Month, the Moti Cares Foundation recently came together with Kindness to Humanity for a heartwarming charity dinner, following which we personally donated R100,000 towards families, women, and children in need.

In the spirit of giving, the Moti Cares charity foundation recently provided 1,500 food parcels to residents of the Jan Hofmeyr community in Johannesburg.

Around 30 volunteers from the Moti Cares foundation, a few publishing houses, and the Jan Hofmeyr Recreation Centre gathered on Sunday, 7 April 2024 to greet the area’s residents with a hot meal.

“This particular initiative grew quite close to my heart after we held a similar pop-up soup kitchen in the area last year. This community has been hard hit throughout the years, and receiving a nutritious, hearty meal such as this can have a major impact on their health. These types of projects and acts of kindness also have a way of letting people know that they’re not forgotten, lifting their spirits, and making life seem just a little bit brighter,” says Zunaid Moti, who founded the Moti Cares foundation in 2021.

This year, the project nearly doubled the amount of food parcels donated in 2023. The parcels included warm chicken and vegetable soup, a generous helping of chicken akni (chicken and rice), freshly baked bread hot from the oven, and bottled water.

In the past, Moti Cares has further donated R100,000 to help women facing difficulties such as gender-based violence or cancer, as well as supporting children’s orphanages and other children-focussed charities, various sports initiatives, and providing two million meals to communities in KwaZulu Natal following riots that devastated the area in 2021.

“The Quran reminds us to ‘donate in prosperity and adversity’, and Moti Cares itself was founded on the Muslim principles of giving. But one of the most important things I’ve learned since founding Moti Cares is how much you receive in return for each act of giving. The excitement and happiness on the faces of those people whose lives we touch are truly humbling and heart-warming.


“With that in mind, I would encourage all South Africans, no matter their faith, to reach out to those in need and assist in whatever way you can – especially now when costs of living are so high, and there are so many households and families in desperate need,” concludes Moti. 

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“We delivered 2 Million meals in Kwazulu-Natal the weekend of 30 July”

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