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Cancer dinner

Celebrating the incredible spirit of Women’s Month, the Moti Cares Foundation recently came together with Kindness to Humanity for a heartwarming charity dinner, following which we personally donated R100,000 towards families, women, and children in need.

Held in Sandton, Kindness to Humanity gathered 120 women for a memorable five-course dinner, and to foster open conversations on the challenges facing South African women and children.

Moti Cares’ contribution will touch lives in various ways. A portion of R20,000 is being channelled towards the Laudium Cancer Care Group, offering essential care to cancer patients and their families. Another R20,000 will go to the TEARS Foundation, which cares for women who have suffered rape, sexual assault, or domestic abuse.

The CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation will receive a much-needed boost of R10,000, providing support to children, parents, and families navigating the difficult journey of cancer. Additionally, R10,000 is dedicated to ensuring that vulnerable women and girls have access to sanitary pads. The remaining R40,000 is set to make a tangible difference by supporting a housing initiative for 21 people.

But the magic doesn’t stop there! The funds raised during this dinner will be used to fund additional food drives, ensuring that the impact of this event resonates for weeks to come.

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to Kindness to Humanity, who tirelessly champion community upliftment. This endeavour truly embodied the spirit of the Moti Cares Foundation, and we were proud to play a role.

Let’s keep spreading hope, hand in hand.


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