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The Moti Group of Companies, colloquially known as such as it comprises of a variety of groups, was established in the late 1990’s, the beneficial owners thereof being the Moti Family which is headed by Abbas Aboo Baker Moti and his son, Zunaid Abbas Moti. MotiCares is here for you.

Providing Food

Nutritional meals for the people in need 


Giving a community the chance to a brighter future

Clean Water

Clean water is a neccessity to all communities


Providing the community with medical and santisational goods

we give back to the community


Zunaid Moti believes that if your heart beats for business but does not bleed for the less fortunate, your destination to a successful businessman will never be reached. His philanthropic activities are focussed on education, health and nutrition for the less fortunate effected by adverse circumstances.


Lives we have changed over 5 years


The year we started helping the community


The amount of food parcels distributed

what we have done for others


“We strive to achieve the best assistance for our community across the country.”

what we have achieved


Charity Posts to Enhance the Human Experience

what we have achieved

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